Welcome to Our House

The Nailhouse has adopted a modern approach to the standard nail salon, offering a straight forward menu specialising in high quality manicures and pedicures. Our focus is to give clients personalised attention and timely services at an reasonable/affordable price in comfortable, beautiful surroundings. We support busy lifestyles and aim to provide an accessible, no fuss, luxury service to ensure that nail care is part of your basic beauty routine, partnering with small UK companies for products and supplies as much as possible. We ensure Nailhouse salons provide you with the highest standards in hygiene/cleanliness, using hospital grade sanitisation and disposable dry items. In addition, The Nailhouse bar serves champagne and a selection of natural soft drinks and mineral waters and The Nailhouse boutique furthers your at-home experience with a carefully curated selection of skincare, lifestyle and wellness goods.

Our House Mission

We think that health and beauty go hand in hand and that what you put on your skin should never be a mystery! We believe in the remedial power of plants and have declined to use chemically loaded products. That’s why The Nailhouse has partnered with like-minded brands and why we only apply natural, hand blended and organic products in all our treatments. We only work on natural nails. You won’t see any excessive cuticle cutting, abrasive filling or vigorous gel removals and you won’t find nail-damaging acrylics, hard gels, skin-aging UV lights or harsh, skin-drying nail polish remover at The Nailhouse. We paint exclusively with the premium, professional brand – OPI – which is free from carcinogens and reproductive toxins and known for its super rich, long-lasting formulas, high pigmented glossy colours and iconic names! We limit the environmental impact of laundry by using hygienic biodegradable towels, free of bleach and perfect for sensitive skin.